Cub Campers Canberra

Cub Campers is a three-time winner of the NSW Manufacturer of the Year award at the Caravan and Camping Industry Association Award Excellence. Built on a tough-as-nails chassis of 100% Aussie Bluescope steel, and featuring hard-wearing Australian Made canvas, a Cub Camper is built to last.

Cub is also famous for its ezy-wind system which ensures a lightning quick-setup.
Another advantage Cub has over its competitors is its fantastic resale value.
A Cub camper is designed to travel low, which minimizes wind drag and greatly assists with fuel economy.

Australian Made

All Cub campers are built onsite at our 3 acre factory premises in Sydney using quality Australian products including Australian steel and Australian canvas.

We have invested heavily in research and development and state of the art machinery to ensure our product continues to evolve.

Cub is very proud to be a member of the “Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild”. To be a member of the Guild, camper trailer manufacturers have to prove by independent audit that the chassis, body, suspension and tent are Australian made as per the ACCC definition.


Our 2.2M Series Cub camper trailer was made for big adventures. Extending to just over 4.4 m (14.4 ft) when fully open, this model has a spacious interior of 16 sqm when the deluxe awning is added. Quick and easy set up within minutes means you’ll spend more time enjoying your journey and less time preparing for it; and the amazing features of this series don’t stop there. Our 2.2 series is ideal for couples and singles and comes with more standard inclusive features than ever before.


    The lightest camper trailer in the range, the Weekender can be towed by most medium SUV’s and small cars, and comes with light off-road capability. The unique Ezy-wind silent winch system and p.' .......

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    The Explorer is the perfect, entry level, fully Off-Road Cub, fantastic for those who want to head onto the road less travelled and it is still light enough to be towed by most medium sized SUV’s.' .......

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    The Brumby is the camper that Cub is well known for and with good reason. It has been built strong to endure the harsh Australian outback conditions to give you peace of mind that your camper wil.' .......

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2.6M Series

Welcome to the 2.6M Series of campers, built Cub tough for families on the rugged road to adventure!

Whether you go for the Cub Traveller or Escape model, these rear-fold campers are 30% more spacious internally and externally than its competitors. With an impressive 17ft when fully extended giving you a huge 22.1sqm of living space – with the deluxe awning add-on.

The 2.6M series is another example of hand-made Cub quality that’s made to fit the needs of our customers.


    The Escape is a popular off-road Cub model, perfect for couple or families wanting even more room to move. It will happily tow behind any 4WD, is easy and quick to open and gives you the option.' .......

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Forward Fold Series

Meet the re-imagined forward fold camper range, the perfect union between an off-roading camper but with the feel of a luxury caravan. Our forward fold campers are the only fully Australian-made forward fold on the market. When fully open, they has an impressive wingspan of 18ft, giving you an additional 22.5sqm of outdoor living space – once you tack on the awning. We’ve designed the forward fold with you in mind. So even when you’re out in the bush, they are more than just a camper, we hope that you’ll see them as your home away from home.


    The Cub Scout is one of the lightest forward fold camper trailers on the market and the perfect camper for those looking to get a 100% Australian Made forward fold off roader with all the essentials. Wit.' .......

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    The Cub Frontier forward fold camper is your off-road home away from home. Perfect for all adventurers who appreciate those few creature comforts but don’t want to com.' .......

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Double Fold Series

The Drifter is the only Australian Made double fold camper trailer on the market and the designers at Cub have taken cues from across their range to create the ultimate family camper trailer. The Drifter II combines the comforts and space of a caravan with the functionality of a camper trailer. The Drifter is also one of the fastest and easiest double folds to set up, requiring only one person and around three minutes before you’re ready to relax and enjoy your campsite to the fullest.

  • CUB DRIFTER GT - Australian Made double fold camper trailer

    Optimised for a combination of touring and off-road adventures, the Drifter GT can accommodate a family of up to six* at an affordable price. GT stands for Grand Touring, and for Cub this.' .......

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  • CUB DRIFTER - Australian Made double fold camper trailer

    The Drifter is the only Australian Made double fold camper trailer on the market and the designers at Cub have taken cues from across their range to create the ultimate family camper trailer. T.' .......

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Engineered to tackle the most unforgiving tracks, Cub’s caravans are built with the same DNA that established Cub’s reputation as a complete manufacturer of high quality RVs.

Designed for the Australian market, built 100% locally and using local materials, our caravans are tough enough to go to the most remote areas of the country.

  • L16 - Lightweight, Off-Road, Australian-Made Caravan Designed for Maximum Comfort - Get Lost in Luxury

    The Cub L16 is engineered for adventure-chasers looking for a robust, lightweight, fully off-road, and affordable caravan. Expertly constructed .' .......

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  • H16. Lightweight, Off-Road, Australian-Made Caravan Designed for Maximum Comfort. Get Lost in Luxury

    The H16 is purpose built for travelling, supremely comfortable both off road or on the tarmac, and with a light footprint. It is the perfect caravan .' .......

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  • H14 – Nimble, Off-Road, Australian-Made Caravan Designed for Comfort – Get Lost in Luxury

    The H14 is a revolutionary new 14ft pop top hybrid caravan, proudly made in North Rocks NSW by the craftsmen at Cub. The H14’s chassis is formed from B.' .......

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