The Weekender and the Getaway (formerly the Vacationer) are Cub’s most compact – and affordable – on-road camper trailers. Their price alone will prompt you to take a second look at these Aussie-made beauties – but there are plenty of other great reasons to consider these robust, yet lightweight, campers.

Join the Cub family for under 10K

If you didn’t think you could buy a fully Australian-made hard floor camper trailer for under 10k, then think again! You can own a Getaway from just $9,960 or $37 a week! Like all Cubs, the Getaway is fully-manufactured on site at our factory in Sydney, but we’ve kept costs down by only including the essentials. The Weekender has more features, but is still great value, retailing from just $13,990 or $51 a week. This makes the Weekender the most affordable hard floor camper with built-in cooking facilities on the market!

Get back to basics

Are you the kind of person who loves camping and getting away from it all, who likes to keep things simple, but also wants some basic comforts? Both the Weekender and the Getaway are perfect for you! Heading off for a weekend, or setting up by the beach for a month: it’s just like camping in a tent, only the set-up is so much easier, you’ve got more room to move, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and a hard floor that keeps everything dry and up off the ground!

Tailor-make your camper to suit your budget

While the Weekender comes with a few select features as standard – including a roll-out external two-burner stove – both these camper trailers also come with an abundance of optional extras. So you can tailor-make your light on-road camper to suit your tastes and budget. Many of our DIY-loving customers see the Getaway as a blank canvas that they can make their own. If you’re handy, it’s the perfect camper to modify up or down in your home workshop (though remember, any changes you make may affect your warranty, so check with our sales team first.)

Easy to tow, even easier to set up

No need for an SUV – you can tow the Getaway and Weekender behind almost any car! All you need is a tow bar. These campers are so light (Getaway has a tare weight of 380 kg, Weekender’s is 500 kg) that you’ll barely notice the difference in fuel costs. When it’s time to unhitch the camper at your campsite, set-up is a breeze. If you have to adjust the position of your camper trailer after it’s unhitched, no problem, it’s easy to manoeuvre. And Cub’s Ezy Wind winch system means it only takes a few minutes to set up!

Transcontinental Pack: extended warranty and light off-road features

For just $999 you can add a Transcontinental Pack (TCP) to your Getaway or Weekender and double your chassis and suspension warranty to four years! The TCP upgrade also includes features such as extended drawbar, reinforced chassis and 14 inch tyres, which makes your camper fit for light off-road travel. Perfect for those occasions that you want to get off-the-beaten track.